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We have a broken-toed bride. Five days ago, she’d stubbed it in the kitchen in an excited bridal moment. The Blahniks are backup, she explains: Alexander McQueen has made her a low-cut court shoe in white paper taffeta covered in net and embroidered with vintage rhinestones. That pair is still in Italy. Over tea and scones, Plum tells me about her dress. Or dresses. There had been ten fittings with

McQueen and four actual dresses. “It started with the idea of an inside-out wedding dress,” says Plum. “All the luxury is on the inside.” The inside, she explains, is a pure white satin corset. The lining is paper-silk taffeta with a tiny knife pleat peeping out from underneath an overlay of ruched net.

Teacup aloft. Plum reads a diary entry from an early fitting: Saw template of embroidered roses all down the train…. Hmm. Wonder how much that will cost.

Then as an aside: “It was going to be $15,000 for the embroidery alone.

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