30 Sexy Kate Middleton Pictures

a side of goose-fat potatoes, and a glass of Cabernet, while Renee has moved on from her cappuccino to littleneck clams, spinach, and a glass of water. And yet they’re like a couple of schoolgirls as they reminisce about a number in which they had to sing and dance down a flight of stairs. Renee recalls, “Rob would say, ‘It’s fabulous, girls. But it will be even more fabulous if you do it while looking up.’ ”

“ ‘Do it again!’ ” says Catherine.

“That staircase!” says Renee. “I have newfound respect for every beauty contestant who’s ever walked down a staircase in heels without looking. By the grace of God, we made it to the bottom of those stairs.” At that, Catherine lifts her champagne flute in a toast. “Cheers!” she says to Renee. “Here’s to the end of something and the beginning of the next.”

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