30 Marvelous Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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“In the Asian conditions, the different degrees of labour intensity in agriculture may be illustrated in terms of the three main types of cultivation. Firstly, there is Ihe traditional subsistence agriculture. This represents the highest level of present consumption and also provides a sort of social security system for tbe largest number of people on a given land area. But, unfortunately, it represents agricultural stagnation aggravated by population pressure and offer nothing for future growth.

Nc.vi, wo hnve commercial agriculture with waftc labour, bul ,1)11 mmg the most labour-intensive method of cultivation represented by a pair of bullock and plough. Finally, wc have mechiini/ctl farming on tho basis of larger holding using tractor and combine bamMcrt. involving ihe largest amount afitnwvalorevictiooef labour front land. When people tnlk •bow -UnJ reform’. the tomttima mm ihe brcakins P lirfcr c U!c’ and reditttibution of she land to landless peasant . Thu jfUrr choosing the Ini or second ahcrnaihe. and in cmuag population pressure b likely u make it into a return to agriculture. SowMn. land reform’ s md in the cppciHr sense, lhal of consolidating the smaller peasant holdings law bigger ‘coOectnc’ or -cooperative’ farms tains tractors and other capital-inieasivc methods. This implies a more raOieas met bod of evicting people from land and trying to extract a larger agricultural surplus in the hope of a faster (Me of future economic growth.

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