28 Powerful Water Tattoos


Inevitably, perhaps, the music remains incidental in comparison to the fully developed film score, and more text than just the score-cues would have helped with continuity, especially in the players’ scene. Sustained atmosphere arrives with the ten fool’s song-fragments for Kozintsev’s 1941 production of King Lear, beginning with a bizarre Russian paraphrase of‘Jingle Bells’ and ending with a homage to the Holy Fool of Mussorgsky’s Boris Godunov. Elsewhere, though, Shostakovich is on automatic tragic pilot; to complete the picture, you’ll need to hunt out the much starker Lear music of his masterly 1970 film-score. Even so, what’s here is absolutely definitive, much enriched by sharp recorded focus and McBurney’s helpful documentation. David Nice PERFORMANCE £15.99


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