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Back at NPR headquarters, in Washington, D.C., Garrels’s editors were sooverwhelmed with the thousands of letters praising her reporting and voicing concern over her well-being that they sent one of their own reporters to interview her upon her return. “It was unprecedented,” her editor, Loren Jenkins, remarked. When I called her up to see if I could also come visit, she graciously responded that any day, anytime, would be just fine. I recognized the desperation of a writer eager for a distraction any distraction. Sure enough Garrels was busy at work on deadline for a book about her experience in Baghdad. The tentatively titled Live from the Palestine Hotel will be published in September by Farrar, Straus & Giroux. “What I like about Annie,” explains editor Jonathan Galassi, “is how unembedded she is. She’s not moving across the desert in a tank; she’s there in Iraq, experiencing what the Iraqis are experiencing. ”

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