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25 Top Calligraphy Fonts on Somewhat unexpectedly, the downturn did not deter expansion in European-based operations during the height of the Depression: New plants were opened in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1931 and in Lasarte in northern Spain in 1933. An even greater sign of the company’s intention to weather the storm of depression came in 1935, when douard’s son Pierre closed a deal with the then-ailing Citron car company, which initially gave the Michelins a slight voting majority in Citron even though their capital investment came to less than one quarter of the total. In the post-World War II period, Michelin actually owned Citron, sharing responsibility for development of the first front-wheeldrive car. Andr Michelin, who turned seventy-eight in January, 1931, did not live to witness these important developments. Soon after Andr died in March, 1931, his brother douard declared his intention to retire. His successor was to have been his thirty-three-year-old son tienne, an amateur pilot who was killed in a plane accident. douard, apparently intent on passing the directorship on to one of his sons (thus sidestepping Andr’s son Marcel, who had considerable practical experience in the firm), delayed his retirement so that his own younger son Pierre (who also died prematurely, in 1937) could take over. 25 Top Calligraphy Fonts 2016.

25 Top Calligraphy Fonts
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