25 Terrific Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo Ideas

As Garrels and her husband discussed the virtues of Swiss chard versus bok choy, you could see the obvious respect and affection the couple have for each other. “I thought her reporting was heartbreaking.” Lawrence said proudly of his wife, just as she had said earlier that the worst part of covering a war month after month is how lonely it gets. “I miss the dailiness of life together,” she said, claiming that Baghdad will surely be her last war. This, I think, watching them discuss the virtues of one vegetable over another, is what she meant, but it made me wonder how Lawrence could bear to (continued on page 192)

n June 15,2001,1 became a mother. My twin daughters were four years old at the time, but I can explain the arithmetic. You see, that was the day the world made motherhood my official identity. That was the day I quit my job.

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