25 Perfect Attic Bedroom Ideas

And that’s good, because Donatella warns that you can’t depend on clothes alone to enhance your allure. “You shouldn’t need clothes to give you attitude; they should enhance what is already there,” she says. “If someone tries to have rock attitude or, worse, be ‘sexy,’ they fail. If a strong, confident woman wears a perfectly cut suit or evening gown, she projects an inner strength and sensuality that is only enhanced by the clothes she is wearing.” Alexander McQueen, a fellow who manages to cling to enfant terrible status even as he heads a multi-million-dollar business, begs to disagree. When asked if he thinks an extremely staid, conservative woman could look really good in his clothes, he replies, “Of course. I bring the sex into their lives.” McQueen, who put Jennifer Lopez in a skintight Goth confection that made the chanteuse/actress look surprisingly demure at the 2002 MTV

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