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Four is the number that represents the material world and, in the earthy suit of Pentacles, it suggests a strong commitment to financial and business matters. The Four of Pentacles has the reputation of being the card of the miser, as it can symbolize a great fear and suspicion of parting with financial assets or material goods. There may be great reluctance to let go of money or worldly position, and while this means that nothing is lost, it also means that nothing is achieved either. This situation results in the flow of energy being stifled, so at best nothing changes and at worst things stagnate.

If this card appears in a reading, it suggests that an overwhelming desire for material security and stability may hinder your ability to expand and grow because of the exaggerated fear of taking material risks. As your attitude to money can also be reflected in the way you react emotionally, the Four of Pentacles can also suggest that there could be fear and dread of loss. It is possible that there is anxiety about being too free with your feelings for fear of emotional hurt.

Five of Pentacles

Element: Earth

The presence of a church, a place of spiritual worship, indicates possible loss of spiritual faith or meaning

The destitute beggars symbolize material loss

THEME Lom of wealth or faith

The moiwe indicates the element of earth

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