24 Haircuts for Curly Hair

Many curly haired women face difficulty about finding haircuts for thick curl hair. They often go for long hair because they don’t want to take any risk because they suffer a lot through frizzy days more than any of us. Or when they tried short hair, they regret it.

But with a good haircut you can look very stylish and edgy. Most important thing is to find a hairstylist who can give you good short haircuts for curly hair. But it is very tricky to find that “perfect hairstylist”. Best thing you can do is to approach to a hairstylist who has similar hair type with you.

Short Haircuts

If you want to have short hair and you are sure that you found the good hairstylist, you should get a haircut with lots of layers and trims. If you don’t do so, your hair would like frizzy and unmanageable. With lots of layers and trims curly women can have any hair they want.  Same rule applies if you are looking for haircut for wavy hair or haircut for frizzy hair.

When it comes to face type, round faced women should avoid short haircuts because there aren’t suitable haircuts for curly hair and round face.

Long Haircuts

Long hair usually looks best on women with curly hair. Important thin is to get lots of layers to your hair. Getting layers with a razor could also very very good option for this hair type. Except from very curly haired women, bangs look good on curly haired women. But for very curly hair, it is not advisable.

 24 Haircuts for Curly Hair 

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