23 Fun Hello Kitty Tattoos For 2013

a disaster, turning their stage works into a kind of politically correct three-ring circus. But the composer says firmly, ‘My collaborations with Peter are just about the best moments of my life as an artist. We work together because we love each other and we have a fantastic symbiotic relationship. Sometimes what he does with a piece shocks me or alarms me, sometimes I’m delighted with it. But the important thing is that the work gets made.’

Despite their collaborative closeness, Adams admits that he doesn’t share Sellars’s political preoccupations. He laughs, ‘Yeah, Peter and I diverge on that. I think a kind of moral involvement is the engine that runs Peter’s work. I feel that the imperative is the perfect work of art, and that if you want to change society, making an opera or a symphony is not going to do it. I think that artists who believe that they can make works of art which hopefully will change people’s moral attitudes are a little naive, because inevitably you’re preaching to the converted. I’m not so sure this is what artists should be doing.’

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