23 Different Hello Kitty Twitter Backgrounds

23 Different Hello Kitty Twitter Backgrounds

Banks still gets much merriment from fashion. She remembers a conversation with a fellow “very famous” supe after she retired from the runway in 2005 (you may recall a particularly pyrotechnical Victoria’s Secret show with buckets of glitter and a pair of 12-foot black wings): “I told her to make sure she had a plan. She looked like I slapped her in the face. She was like, ‘What do you mean? I love modeling. I will always model!”’ Banks smiles sagely. “But you need to treat yourself like an athlete and know that it is not going to happen. I mean, what are you gonna docommentate on ESPN?” She bursts out laughing. “And here comes Gisele doing the Clydesdale clomp in Stella McCartney.”

Not least because she has shown models there is life after the last twirl on the catwalk, Banks is indeed a pioneer. It’s easy to forget now, in a world filled with projects runway, photography, styling, make me a supermodelfashion editorstar, that when Top Model fast aired, in May 2003, there were no other fashion reality shows on the box. “I think I showed the girls that it doesn’t have to be over,” Banks, who shares a similar gene with Project Runways Heidi Klum, says now. “They don’t have to marry a rich man and trade in their pretty.”


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