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Hair Diet For 2014 Party Hairstyles
Probably neither. More likely you’re not getting enough sleep. This is a common problem among our dieters, since the burst of energy most people experience early in the day sometimes convinces them that they can dispense with sleep. It’s true that you may be able to cut down your sleep budget by an hour or two but no more. Count your sleeping time and make sure you get enough.
A second possibility is that you’re not exercising properly. To maintain a feeling of well-being you need at least two half-hour walks a day. Every day you don’t walk regularly, your circulation will slow down and de-energize you. The exercise chapter discusses this and alternate forms of exercise.
A third possibility is that you may be coming down with a cold. In this case, sleep an extra hour or two and don’t strain yourself.
1 have insomnia. What do you think is causing it?

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