2015 New Bride Hairstyles

Wedding gown choosing seems like the biggest part of the bridal look, but wedding hair styles are just as important as wedding gown.

In 2015, traditional bride hairstyles with veil and tiara (which is known as mother of the bride hairstyles) went out of style. Brides of 2015, should be ready for different hair accessories, french rolls, bedazzled barrettes, floral headpieces, and even cascading wave styles.

Very complicated hair updos will not be preferable in 2015. No matter what you do with your hair, neutrality will be the key. If you want to let your hair free, you should think about getting beachy waves, not heavily processed waxy waves. Same thing also applies to updos. Rather than complicated updos, you should go for simple side bun or a ponytail.


This year important thing will be the accessories. Sparkling hair pins, floral headpieces, diamond headbands chain accessories will compliment natural hair.

Veil: Yes or No?

In 2015, heavy and long veils will not be as popular as last years which are also uncomfortable for the bride. As I said before, this year will all about neutrality and comfort. Brides who want to put veils should go for short and simple veils like French veil this year.

2015 New Bride  Hairstyles

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