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Since people eat about one-tenth as much bread today as they did a hundred years ago, they’ve lost even most of the fiber that’s found in white bread. We do eat more fruit and vegetables, but not enough to compensate for the loss of grain fiber.
Before the turn of the century, men with names like Kellogg and Post popularized cereal products rich in “roughage.” People had vague ideas about the value of rougjiage (or fiber) for laxative, prophylactic, and therapeutic purposes. Today, thanks mainly to fascinating epidemiological research, we know that many African peoples on high-fiber diets have an almost negligible incidence of coronary artery disease, colon-rectal cancer (which ranks second only to lung cancer in frequency among Americans), diverticulosis, varicose veins, gallbladder disease, and constipation. We are largely indebted to two British physicians, Denis Burkitt and Hugh Trow-efl, for this research which has made us aware of the importance of fiber to human health.

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