2015 hairstyles for fine thin hair

Bohemian Hairstyle Tutorial

What you need:

Round hairbrush Hairdryer and nozzle Styling mousse (medium hold) Hairspray (medium to strong hold) Large barrelled tongs Comb No snag hairband Kirby grips This is a gorgeous feminine style that adds fullness and body to hair. Its slightly messy texture lends itself well to city living or party time. Adding height to those with a small frame and softening the overall look of a larger frame it’s a fabulous, casual, not too done look that can transform longer lengths of hair. Accessorize with flowers for a wedding or special occasion or glam it up with sparkly clips or combs for a party.

“Sometimes messy is best ”

For best results first wash and blow dry the hair using a round brush and mousse.Take sections through the hair and spray each section with hairspray first then use large barrelled tongs through the mid lengths i and ends.
Use a comb to create a side parting and then through the fringe area place a small three strand plait by alternately moving the side strands into the middle until all the hair is used. Secure with a no snag hairband at the end.

Starting at the crown area take random sections of hair and use your fingers to tease the hair by running them over the hair from the tips to the roots.

Wrap the section around your fingers to create a knot effect then use kirby grips to secure in place on the head. Repeat with all the sections throughout the rest of the hair until complete. Then use a couple of kirby grips to pin the plait back in between the knots. Finish with hairspray.

Gather up each section using your fingers then twist all of the section from the roots to the ends.

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