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What Salt Does
Eskimos, aboriginal Chinese, Panamanian Cana Indians, and Australian aborigines.
There is some added salt permitted in the Pritikin recipes. For instance, some recipes use canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, prepared mustard, or mild soy sauce. All of these products contain some salt. What we do not permit is adding salt from a shaker to the cooking pot or the serving plate. And even the amount of salt that is introduced into the diet through the use of the various permitted ingredients can become excessive for some people if very many canned or frozen foods are used. Incidentally, there are varying amounts of salt naturally present in almost all foods.
People need to monitor the amount of salt they can tolerate for themselves. Less is better for everyone, and some people are almost exquisitely sensitive to even a little salt, and really need to be on a “salt-free” diet. (There is no such thing as a totally salt-free diet, of course.)

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