20 Super Creative Advertising Ideas

Neaman’s interests extend far beyond fashion: She paints, holds a master’s in public health from Columbia, a master’s from NYU in philosophy (which she still teaches, despite her growing business), and she even attended law school “for about a day and a half.” But one thing she has no interest in, it seems, is becoming a player. Despite the fact that Chloe Sevi-gny, Natasha Lyonne, and Sarah Jessica Parker wear her clothes, despite the fact that her signature wasp-waist blouses continually sell out at Barneys, she remains just aloof enough to retain her “dress by anonymous” status.

“I can’t even picture having a fashion show,” she says. “It feels weird. That kind of spectacle is just not appealing.”

Jodi Arnold is a 30-something Alabama-born, New York-based redhead who designs Mint, a line full of flirty dresses, vintage-inspired jackets, and punky T-shirts. She shares Neaman’s retiring sentiments. Self-promotion is not this polite southerner’s glass of iced tea. She’d rather be at home with her two

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