20 New Easy Hairstyles

If you are looking for easy hairstyles to do yourself, you can choose variety for styles from easy updos to chic braids. Doing the same old pony tail can begin to be boring both for you and people around you. Here is easy hairstyles list for you to spice up your everyday look


It is one of the easy braided hairstyles. To achieve this look just part your hair into two. Take one hairpiece from leftside of your head and grasp it under the right section. Apply the same procedure for the rightside of your head. Continue doing this until your hair is all braided.

French Braid

French braid is very easy hairstyle for short hair as well as the long hair. For French braid you should start braiding your hair regularly. When you are getting into each new section you should take one more hairpiece into the braid. You will look very classy until the braid is finished.

Balerina Bun

It is very easy updo and very chic at the same time. For good looking ballerina bun, you should tease the hair at the top of your head little bit. Then comb hair into a ponytail. To finish your look, twist your pony tail loosely. This hairstyle is very chic and it also makes you look taller.

No Heat Waves

This is very easy hairstyle but you need to do it one night before going out. After the shower leave your hair little bit dry. Then divide your hair into two sections, twist them and secure with pins. Be careful not to include the hair ends. One night after, open your buns and style them as you wish.

 2o New Easy Hairstyles

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