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To my surprise, I found myself seduced by my sickness, and I wanted to hold on to it. It’s appalling and shameful to

me now, but, for weeks, I was delighted to be parented and irresponsible and to live in a world that revolved around me. I gained 20 pounds in two weeks eating my mother’s meatloaf and scalloped potatoes.

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Fear nothing, dear, just put some Cointreau in it and it’s mine. Soon, they were all served, and they were sipping at their mixed drinks and cooing as they watched Ben. I’m sure he would never worked so slowly, but drinks and smoke aside, he had a one-hour show to do, of which only the last 10 to 15 minutes were scripted. I saw that Ben was sweating it up a good deal, so I asked John the Second if that should be left alone, toweled off or, perhaps, oiled up. He liked the oiling idea and asked me to check with Ben. As it turned out, he loved the oil idea. In any case, it would be a little distraction from the fact that he was not exactly popping every vein or straining any muscles at this point.

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