20 Awesome Irish Tattoos

20 Awesome Irish Tattoos on The S3B incorporated a two-stage centrifugal compressor. The idea of a two-stage compressor reduced the stresses required to increase the air pressure to the desired level because the differential between the inlet and outlet pressure at each of the stages was considerably less than that imposed on a single-stage compressor, which would require a large differential to achieve the same pressure increase. This compressed air was then directed through ducts to the bars where fuel was injected. A spark plug ignited the gases, and these hot gases accelerated past a number of stationary vanes out the single combustion chamber. The gases exiting the combustion chamber were directed into the single-stage turbine wheel, which turned the compressor mounted on the same shaft. The design ensured that only the minimum amount of energy required was used to turn the compressor, thus maximizing the amount used as thrust. Ironically, none of von Ohain’s designs reached the production stage, as the German government decided to produce designs by other manufacturers. 20 Awesome Irish Tattoos 2016.

20 Awesome Irish Tattoos
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