1980s celebrity hairstyles

However, does this growing success in Asia’s beauty market mean that we no longer need to explore Western exhibitions?

Western cosmetic brands are increasingly reaching into the East for skin care ingredients or new innovation to develop products with global potential. For example, RR creams, brightening products, skin care masks and facial essences from Asia have made is way into Western cosmetic brands. Therefore, it is important for us to continue venturi ng out into Western countries in order toexport our own brands and further influence our unique culture. Furthermore, w’e offer a lower cost for our high quality effective cosmetics.

This economic growth has created a very fertile envi ronment for businesses in Asia. Over the past few years, Asian beauty companies have emerged to take advantage of the spending power and opportunities in the region. Beauty MNC companies in Singapore are also taking advantage of A Star laboratories’ facilities to further improve our beauty R&D.

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