18 Chic Early Spring Outfits

18 Chic Early Spring Outfits

We returned to the gardens in the late afternoon to shoot one more portrait of the princess. Parts of Fredensborg Gardens are open to the public, and when people passed and realised they were seeing the new Crown Princess they waved and grinned madly, especially the children. Mary took it all in her stride, with real humility. ‘I didn’t really do anything to deserve all this attention,’ she had confessed to me in our interview the day before. ‘I simply married the man I love.’ That afternoon we captured what would turn out to be the cover shot, a candid photo of Mary juxtaposed against the lush autumnal Danish woods, in a royal purple satin dress, pinned at the centre with a brooch from the crown jewels.

After the last shot was taken we were again invited back to the royal couple’s residence and Frederik broke out the champagne to toast the success of the shoot. I didn’t want the ex^Qience to end. Thanks to the power of best celebrity style, I had been transported into a rarefied world of great wealth and privilege yes, but also of great generosity.

The following week I was back on the regular circuit, attending the RTW fashion shows in Milan. In the evenings I sat by the open window in my tiny hotel room, transcribing and writing my article. On the first day of the shows I was seated next to Judith Cook, who had now become the fashion director of In Style Best celebrity style blog. The Princess Mary project was still under wraps but I couldn’t contain myself. Judith would understand the intensity of what I had just experienced in Denmark. I told her where I’d just been, she grabbed my arm and we both got goosebumps. She was the perfect person to share the achievement with.

Princess Mary and I continued to liaise for several weeks afterwards, as she had to approve the photographs and my story. She made no changes to the piece and was very happy with all of the photographs, bar one where she thought her face looked strange. It didn’t, but Mary had her doubts and wouldn’t give it her sign-off. Deadline was upon us and I needed to push it through. Mary and I went back and forth on email and by phone. We retouched the shot and tried again, but she was still resisting. One afternoon I was on my way home when my mobile rang. It was Mary. ‘Hello Princess Mary,’ I said as I pulled the car over to the side of the road in suburban Kingsford. It felt slightly incongruous, chatting to a princess while driving down busy Gardeners Road.

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