16 Pretty in Pink Tattoo Designs

class and said, “You know, you’ve got a special gift. You should use it,” that was a fantastic moment. She’d seen something in me that I hadn’t seen or felt in myself.

And then, one day, in 1994,1 was shopping in London with my friend Sophie and I felt a sudden jolt inside my head. It was like an electric eel whipping about in my brain. I jerked violently forward. The sales assistant thought I was totally insane, and Sophie was mortified by her wacky American friend. I was shocked. As a teenager, I had had a grand mal seizure, the day after a measles vaccination. The doctors had said that the two events were unrelated, and they reassured me that it was almost certainly a onetime event. Looking back, I now see that that day in London was just one more clue that I decided to ignore.

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