15 Examples of Religious Tattoos

A Viennese Jew whose pre-war success won him a place in the Nazis’ ‘Entartete Musik’ exhibition, Toch ended his days scoring B movies for Hollywood in his own words, ‘the most forgotten composer of the 20th century’. Strong as the Buchberger s advocacy is, these two quartets are not perhaps the ideal works to help revive his reputation. Mark Pappenheim PERFORMANCE COLLECTION: Fatale Flame Works by Rameau, Monteclair, Leclair, Naudot, Morel, etc


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Zeno, a real trooper as hustlers go, stepped up and managed to get the inch or more in each of six more mugs. Clay moved in and finished up, dropping an inch in one of the last two mugs, and a good deal more than an inch the other. The assembled revelers in their golf clothes and corduroys applauded, and it seemed the applause was all about that bit over in the last mug. I slid the tray back onto the bar top, and gathered my guys around the beer tap on the other bar. John the Second went behind the bar. Gentlemen, your pleasure, in any order you care to speak up. John the First waited till John the Second had poured his friend’s gin before he took both drinks away from the bar.

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