13 Neat New Year’s Nail Designs


Talvin Singh’s Endgame or Moses Molelekwa’s jazzy Strummingsmmg happily alongside Ives, Piazzolla and Django Bates. A highly individual, indeed unique, response to the completist anthologies with which our shelves are groaning. PERFORMANCEBACH

Italian Concerto, BWV971; French Suite No. 2 in C minor, BWV 813; Toccata in E minor, BWV 914, etc

Elena Kuschnerova (piano)

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In fact, in any number of little courtesies, made it clear John was in charge of the evening. Soon as they came in, John’s friend, we will call him John the Second, moved a little divider screen revealing, as planned, a small stage. It was actually a round tabletop, about five feet across, supported by eight stubby Greek columns. All in all, the pedestal, as we had called it in the planning stages, was just over two feet off the floor. Soon as he saw it, Ben knew what to do. Up he climbed, and his usual strip (tease) began. If Ben hadn’t come or hadn’t been willing to do his thing, the whole thing was off.

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