Best Oils For Hair and Skin

An Oily Trick

I’ve told you the oil is the tricky part. To use or not to use is definitely the question, and, since I can’t see you from these pages, it will be up to you to follow my instructions on determining whether or not you need any supplemental oil before washing. Don’t let anyone frighten you into making a wrong determination. I will give you plenty of expert opinion that shows that more oil is much worse for your skin than less oil. Never mind about the people who will tell you that their greasy skin will never age. It will, all right, and it will age just as ugly as it is now.

So be firm (your skin will be) and decide for yourself, following the rules of the game, whether or not you must use oil.

O.K. you think you need it? Then I must tell you the sort to use. The acid sort, of course. I must admit that I was so cowed by my mentor, Dr. Laszlo, that I never questioned the makeup of any product. Why should I, as long as it was working beautifully? But, now that I must advise you, I needed to know more. And so I found out.

The Laszlo oil is, of course, made of top-secret ingredients. But the most important thing is that fatty acids are the most important ingredient. Apparently Dr. Laszlo tested plenty of oils before he came up with the one that satisfied him. And the reason it satisfied him was its high fatty-acid content.

indir (1)Now, there are a great many cleansing oils on the market, probably many of which could be substituted for the Laszlo product in this routine, as long as it checks out acid. You could, for example, try wheat germ oil, with its extra added attraction of vitamin E. (And vitamin E, as far as I am concerned, is a beauty-maker supreme.) No medical opinion is going to back me up on vitamin E, because there is no real medical opinion, so far as I know. Doctors are doubtful, as most are about everything new unless it’s drugs. There the medical profession often leaps before it looks. I have found vitamin E doing wonders for my skin, however, and wheat germ oil is one of its best sources.

Then there are the vitamin E oils some containing, they claim, up to 28,000 units of the stuff. I am a bit leery of that, being unsure about their claims, unsure about what 28,000 units might do. You can try them if you like, but remember: at the first sign of any irritation, do as you would with anything else irritating. Forget it!

Avocado oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, are all high in fatty acids, with olive oil being surprisingly low on the fatty acid list. But the vegetable oils are where you are going to find those fatty acids you need (if you do), so check out your health-food store where there’s probably a cosmetics department set up with natural vegetable oils all ready for your cleansing use.

Once you’ve got your oil, you use it thus: Take a piece of cotton not a cotton ball, as it’s usually unnecessarily large and soak it in the oil. Remove all of your eye makeup and lipstick with the cotton pad, and throw it away.

Take out another piece of cotton about the size of a quarter is just right and soak it to the dripping point. Then apply carefully to your face and neck. You should be plenty oily by now and ready to wash.

Now, with some of us, the only oil-needy spots are under the eyes and the throat. And so you simply apply the oil there and forget the rest. The soap takes care of that.

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