12 Stunning Starfish Tattoo Designs

Nevertheless the wife of the president of France appeared to be perfectly comfortable in the Christian Dior camouflage-print ensemble she wore to a state event last year. “It was one of those big deals on the Champs-Elysees,” says John Galliano, laughing. “And there she was in that outfit, looking fantastic.”

Galliano, who is famous for swathing rock stars like Gwen Stefani in studded leather, is delighted by the magic his clothes continue to work once they leave the trip-py atmosphere of the stage or runway and undertake more prosaic assignments. Sure, it was fun dressing Tina Turner, as Galliano did, for the South of France garden party she threw to celebrate 50 years in show business “the theme was ancient Greece, and I made her a bias-cut dress and fantastic Eskimo boots; she looked like Helen of Troy” but it’s also great to be a player in the closets of people like Lisa Airan, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist who can’t exactly go to the office with a view to launching a thousand ships.

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