12 Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

Chocolate brown hair color is very common yet equally attractive. Well taken care of Chocolate brown hair is rich and enticing.

There are so many different chocolate brown hairstyles and shades. From milk chocolate truffle to chocolate velvet, different shades of this attractive color will enhance beauty of different women.

Here are some chocolate brown hair color ideas for you,

  • Mocha
  • Chocolate Velvet
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Rich Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cherry
  • Mink
  • Walnut

This hair color is easy to apply at home if you are already brunette. You can enrich your look by adding chocolaty glow to your hair.

But if you have lighter hair, it is advisable that you visit your hairstylist for this color change. You should also keep in mind that since undertone of these chocolaty shades is actually red, it will be difficult for you to get rid of that hair color.

Here are some tips for you about how to pick right chocolate shade for you.

For Light Skin tones
Dark shades will actually hard to pull of for light skinned women. They usually don’t have enough pigments in their fact to pull this look off. But they can try chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights.

For Medium Skin Tones
They are perfect candidate for chocolate brown hair. But they should keep this look natural by avoiding going to dark or too light.

For Dark Skin Tones
Dark chocolaty colors work best on them. They can also add some red undertone ,

12 Chocolate Brown Hair Colors

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