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Blue Shampoo, Your Through

There’s one more point where hair differs from skin, even though they’re made of the same thing and that’s from the cleansing angle. For here’s one place where, even though alkaline may be cleaner-making it had better not touch your hair.

I think I have told you my own experiences with alkaline creme shampoos and other such coverups. While I was covering up, I was ruining my hair in the process. Now I think I’ve learned that lesson well, for, while my face can get back to acid, there’s a lot more to my hair and I’m not about to let anything alkaline or harsh have a go at it. Emo hairstyles for girls 2015 Not now that it’s thick and lustrous all on its own.

Soap is a definite no-no for hair. It simply won’t do. The protein-filled, acid-balanced beauty bars that are everywhere these days will do beautifully, however. In fact, if I’m traveling, I find it much easier to take along one of these bars, which is, in actuality, solidified shampoo, than to lug a leaky shampoo bottle. It works just fine.

But as for ordinary soap the kind we’ve been told cleans the best well, skip it. Emo hairstyles for girls 2015 That’s not the sort of deep cleaning your hair wants. Your protein shampoo should have your hair-cuticle tight in there where it belongs and we don’t want anything alkaline making it loose. Detergent shampoos are particularly to be avoided at all hair costs.

They can actually make you lose your hair, I’ve been told, and here’s one more time where I refuse to experiment for my readers’ sakes. I’ll take the researchers’ word for it and assume that you will, too. It’s safer for us all that way. One way to spot detergent shampoo

is through its rapid-lathering quality. Emo hairstyles for girls 2015 The best way to spot it is by poking your ever-ready strip of Nitrazine into the bottle. Just once more: If it’s blue, then blue won’t do.

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