10 Raised Garden Bed Designs Ideas


Ready-made decorative cords come in all kinds of thicknesses and colours and can be made from cotton, wool, silk or a mixture of fibres. Some cords have gold or other metallic thread running through them that adds sparkle and a touch of luxury. It is also possible to find wonderful antique cords.

Cords designed for inserting as piping come with a flange attached which is usually a piece of cotton webbing. These can be used exactly as you would a length of covered piping. Cords without flanges have to be hand sewn after the cushion cover is made.

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Attaching cord to a cushion cover

Leave a small opening in the seam when making the cover. Hand sew the cord over the seam line around the edge of a finished cushion cover. Insert each end into the opening in the seam and secure in place. Alternatively, wrap each end of the cord tightly with a matching thread and butt the ends together neatly where they join. Cord can be looped to make a bow at each cushion corner and stitched into place by oversewing.

Tassels and fringes

Fringes make interesting finishes for cushion covers and these are hand sewn to the completed cushion cover as for cords. Some fringes also come with a flange webbing and can be inserting in a seam line like piping. Tassels add an ornate touch to cushions and bolsters. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, but can also be made by hand.

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