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10 Punk Rock Tattoo Ideas on Like other early automakers, Olds experimented with battery-powered vehicles, but after seeing the internal combustion engines displayed at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, he decided to switch over to gasoline power. By 1896, Olds had developed his own internal combustion engine, patented it, and turned out a gasoline- powered horseless carriage, which in his patent application he called an automobile. He then divided the family enterprise into the Olds Gasoline Engine Works and the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. It soon became evident that he would need outside financing for his motor vehicle operation, which was seen as a risky venture. In 1899, Olds gave up financial control of his company, renamed his firm the Olds Motor Works, and moved most of the operations to a large, new plant in Detroit. Among the models of what now had the brand name of Oldsmobile was a simple, open vehicle with a curved dash, designed for use as a runabout, that could be sold for the phenomenally low price of $650. When production on the curved-dash model began in 1901, there were buyers waiting. 10 Punk Rock Tattoo Ideas 2016.

10 Punk Rock Tattoo Ideas
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