10 Marvelous Mustang Tattoo Pictures

“I will tell you a story,” answers the designer. “Florence is a very classical city, lots of nobility dukes, counts very conservative. And I have customers there. They tell me.

5 ‘Roberto, it was very difficult for me in the beginning. When I passed in front of your boutique I would think. I hope someday I have the courage to wear Cavalli. And then finally I started. One shirt! One solid pair of jeans! And you know what? Every man looked. And they started saying, “You’ve changed! You’re sexy! You’re special!” ’ ” Rena Sindi. the author of Be My Guest: Theme Party Savoir Faire, is not exactly a run-of-the-mill hausfrau. When asked about wearing Cavalli to work she pauses for a minute, then admits sheepishly, “My work is going to parties.”

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