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Making a rectangular tablecloth with a skirt

To calculate the amount of fabric needed, first measure the flat surface area of the table top and add a 1.5cm (Min) seam allowance all round. These are the dimensions for the top piece. For the skirt (which will have a kick pleat in each corner), measure each side of the table. At each corner add 20cm (8in) extra for folding into the box pleat. The total length of all the sides plus the pleat allowances and any necessary seam allowances is the required length of the skirt piece (or pieces) for both fabric and lining. For the width of the skirt piece, measure the drop of the skirt from the edge of the table top to the floor and add 5 10cm (2^-in) to drape on the ground, plus seam allowance at both sides.

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You will need enough main fabric for the top piece and the skirt and the same amount of lining fabric. Cut the table-top piece and the skirt piece (or pieces) from the main fabric and from the lining. Begin by making up the skirt. If you have several pieces of fabric for the skirt, pin and stitch them right sides together to make a large cylinder of fabric. Press the seams open. Do the same the lining. With the right sides together. and stitch the lining to the fabric along c long edge. Press the seam open, then tu right side out. Press, aligning the seam ale the fold. Pin the raw edges together (w wrong sides facing).

Next, pin and tack the pleats in place. T pleats must be placed precisely so that wh the skirt is attached to the top of the clc they fall exactly at each corner (and in t middle of a long side if additional pleats \v made). Pin and tack the skirt to the t panel, right sides together. Machine stitch around, making sure the pleats do not k their position. Trim the seam allowance. C the seam allowance corners of the top pa piece diagonally, and notch the skirt seen corners. Press the seam open and th towards the centre of the top.

Turn the seam allowance of the top pa lining to the wrong side and press. Pin folded edge along the seam line where skirt joins the top panel and hand sew it place, using slip stitch. Turn the cloth rii side out and press.

Rectangular tablecloth with skirt

1 Cut one piece of main fabric and one piece of lining to size of table top plus seam allowance all around.

2 Cut the skirt piece (or pieces) and join into a cylinder. Make the skirt lining and join to the skirt along one edge.

3 Turn the skirt right side out. Pin and tack the pleats at the corner positions and stitch the skirt to the top panel.

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