The 10 Most Exciting Beauty Products to Try in 2019

And try these hot new products, packed with the hydrating and detoxifying powers of the sea

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The 10 Most Exciting Beauty Products to Try in 2019

1 Dead Sea Mineral Skin Lotion, £7.99, Dr Organic at holland Made with Dead Sea mineral salt and coconut oil, this light formula dissolves instantly. A perfect pick-me-up with a minty scent.

2 Genaissance La Mer The Eye And Expression Cream, £255, Creme de la Mer at La Mer’s Crystal Miracle Broth formula, this powerful eye cream banishes puffiness, fine lines and redness.

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3Sea Salt Scrub, £26, livingsea Infused with more than 60 essential minerals and vitamins, these Cornish Sea Salt crystals will leave your skin feeling super-smooth and soft.

4 Seamasque, £79, Hannes Dottir at This 100% natural sea kelp and crystal mask promises to hydrate and pep up tired skin.

5 Pro-Collagen Marine Oil, £65, Formulated with a trio of seaweeds to hydrate skin and reduce lines, this super-rich oil leaves skin soft and looking radiant – after just four weeks.

6 Antioxidant Face Gel, £54.95, The ultimate multi purpose product to help minimise pores and reduce lines, thanks to its mix of marine algae and sea minerals.

7 Hand Elixir, £20, thewhite Give your hands a boost with this marine algae wonder, which helps to support cell renewal for smoother skin.

8 Skin Relief Calming Algae Complex, £29.50, bobbibrown. If your skin is feeling a little ‘meh’, this formula will reduce redness and irritation and help to prevent dark spots.

9 Atlantic Kelp And Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil, £26, This blend of Atlantic kelp and detoxifying microalgae is perfect for tired limbs, and leaves skin feeling moisturised and reinvigorated.

10 Seahorse Plankton Beauty Boosting BB Cream, £14.99, Beauty Kitchen at hollandand This all-natural product, made from microalgae and seahorse plankton, will help to blur imperfections.

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