10 Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Alternative cushion ideas

Cushion covers can be interchanged to suit the mood of the interior. One cover inside another, with the outer one with contrasting ties, is a less formal, more fun approach and great for children’s rooms. Big square cushions look good with button fastenings. Choose plain, unfussy buttons for matt fabrics such as cotton tickings, linens or ging hams, delicate little mother-of-pearl buttons for finer fabrics and big, bold, brassy ones for heavy brocades, silks or damasks.

Stitching applied to the surface of plain fabrics lends texture and pattern. Embroidery stitches can be used to great effect. Create spidery latticework, a riot of multicoloured dots or crosses or copy formal motifs. Applique stars or other shapes using a bold blanket stitch. Cut out images from printed fabrics, such as farm animals, in bold silhouettes for children’s rooms, and stitch them onto plain fabrics.

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Try constructing a cushion cover from a knitted square. Use creamy, soft string — the kind you find in a kitchen drawer or that ties parcels. Combine with chunky cotton cord in place of piping and hand sew the opening or use buttons. In bathrooms, or for outside in the summer when all you want is to relax with a pillow beneath your head, use waterproof canvas, and foam instead of feathers, for easy cleaning.

Heavy, comfortable seat cushions on this intriguingly designed sofa and chairs are covered with bright citrus fabrics. Each cover has a row of fabric tabs attached to the cover opening which are tied together, with the knots adding a decorative finish to the back of the cushions.

Making a tie-on cushion

1 Make up as for the square cushion ( 302-303) but stitch the ties into the seam allowance.

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