10 Awesome Lighting Design Inspired By Nature

If you don’t audition, you’re not considered. And so began a parade of big movie stars through Marshall’s rehearsal space. “I wanted someone who could bring vulnerability to the role, because it’s a very dark musical and they can be unlikable people. But the question was, could Renee sing and dance? She came in and we danced a little, and I could tell, literally within three steps, that she could dance. Because she has style and she’s a body person. She knows how to point her foot.”

Renee being Renee, she was too shy to sing at the piano. But this was not apparently the case at the Four Seasons, where they had dinner later that night. “She sang for me right there in the restaurant,” says Marshall. “I was singing stuff from the score, and she would repeat what I sang. She has a great ear, and then she sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ And it was a real voice. And I thought, This is it!” (“No one’s going to have any idea,” says Gere. “Renee’s got this amazing kind of Billie Holiday voice. It’s very connected to her. It’s quite emotional.”)

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