Dior makeup spring 2017 uk

WITH PORE BLURRING EFFECT Meet your match! Weightless, invisible coverage. Visibly poreless, picture-perfect skin. 24-hour hydration. Skin perfected, protected. “Three words: maxi, shirt, dress. Invest in one now,... Read more

Megan Young Makeup

There’s a term for how Megan carries herself. It’s called sprezzatura, an Italian word defined as “studied carelessness.” Baldassare Castiglione used it in The Book of the Courtier... Read more

Megan Young Hairstyles

This bespectacled, couldn’t-care-less girl who morphs into a beauty queen? Megan could easily sink into a hackneyed pigeonhole, but becoming Miss World was a conscious and hard-earned decision,... Read more